Epidural Steroid Injections

An epidural steroid injection is a very common procedure with an impressive track record of safety and success. The epidural space is a small area located adjacent to the spinal cord and the nerve roots. Anti-inflammatory corticosteroid and local anesthetic medication is injected into the epidural space to help calm inflamed nerve roots. Your specialist will determine at what level the epidural injection should be performed. When conservative therapy has been trialed and failed, an epidural steroid injection can accelerate the healing process and facilitate a return to functional activity. Multiple injection treatments may be needed to achieve maximum benefit.

Side effects of Epidural Steroid Injections are rare and your provider will discuss them with you. You will be asked to sign a written consent prior to the procedure, as well as a brief medical history questionnaire. You will also be asked to refrain from taking any NSAIDs or other blood-thinning medications within three days of the procedure in order to prevent increased bruising.

Epidural steroid injections, as with most other procedures, are performed in our fluoroscopy suite. X-ray, or fluoroscopy, is used for nearly all injections to ensure safety and accuracy. Intravenous sedation is typically not offered but a mild sedative may be utilized depending on your medical condition.


Should any anesthesia be administered, driving will not be possible directly after the procedure, and arrangements will need to be made by the client for transportation to and from the LifeLinc facility. Normal activities may be resumed the day after the procedure, unless the physician directs the client otherwise. It may take a week or more to experience the full amount of relief. A follow-up evaluation will be scheduled to monitor and access the results of the procedure.

While some patients will require more advanced interventions, an epidural steroid injection is a very common, simple, and relatively safe procedure. Please contact our office with any additional questions about epidural steroid injections.